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Welcome to Beech Class 2021/2022

Class Staff:Miss Hume, Mrs Millbank, Mrs Burden and Mrs Knauer

Should you wish to speak to Miss Hume, please email her at: ks2@rayne.essex.sch.uk 

Spring Curriculum Map

Class Text: The Hodgehog – Dick King Smith
Narrative: Multiple narrator story (Oliver Twist)
Non-Fiction: Non-Chronological text (Victorians)
Poetry: Appreciation
Multiplication and Division:
Driver Subject: History
Who were the Victorians?
What impact did they have?
What was life like as a Victorian? For the rich, poor and middle-class Victorians?
To recognise basic inputs and outputs
To decompose a laptop
To understand the purpose of computer parts
To decompose a tablet computer
Using DB Primary
Physical Education
Charanga: Make you feel my love
Learning to sing as part of a group
Playing instruments
Improvising and composing
Beech Class
Spring 1

Learning Challenge Question:
What was it like to be Oliver Twist?
Art and Design
Focus: Art
Art Nouveau – William Morris
Work and features of William Morris
Stained-glass windows, illustrations and wallpaper
Religious Education
Islam (5 Pillars)
Understand meaning and significance of Shahadah for Muslims
Understand the origins and significance of the call to prayer Understand the daily rituals of prayer for Muslims.
Personal, Social and Health Education
Feelings and Friendship 
How do we grow and change? 
Changes that happen at puberty; keeping good hygiene; describing intensity of feelings to others; managing complex emotions; different types of relationships; what makes a healthy relationship (friendship); maintaining positive relationships; who is responsible for their health and wellbeing; to ask for advice 
Modern Foreign Languages
Revising key vocabulary
Learning key structures
Asking and answering questions
Creating presentations
How you can help at home:
  • Ensure your child can log in to DB Primary to access their class page and their home learning tasks set each week.
  • Support your child with their home learning if needed, encourage them to ask for help if necessary.
  • Encourage your child to read at home daily, share texts together.
  • Encourage your child to use SumDog and Times Table Rock Stars log ins at home regularly.
  • Support your child in developing their independence by reminding them of deadlines for homework (Thursdays).
  • Help to develop your child’s resilience by sharing mistakes and what we can learn from them.
  • Have fun with your child and help them feel relaxed about school, remind them to just do their best!

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