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Welcome to Maple Class 2021/2022

Class Staff: Miss Gregory and Mrs Mills

You can email Miss Gregory at this address: ks1@rayne.essex.sch.uk 

Spring Curriculum Map

Portal Story: Monsters Inc
Grammar and Punctuation Focus:
-Use ‘when’, ‘if’, ‘that’ and ‘because’ to extend sentences
-Write and use expanded noun phrases
-Form adjectives using –ful, -er, -est and –less (link with spelling)
-Understand that an apostrophe is used for possession
-Use apostrophes for singular possession
Multiplication and Division
-To recognise equal groups

-Odd and even numbers

-To multiply by 2,3,5 & 10
-To divide by 2,3,5 & 10
Theme-History / Geography
History: Flight
-To name & locate the four countries / cities in Great Britain
-To locate the equator and know this is the hottest part of the world
-To locate the North and South Pole and know these are the coldest parts of the world
Geography: Hot and Cold places
To know who the Wright Brothers were and what they did
-To know how flight has changed people’s lives
-To know how aircraft have changed over time
Basic algorithms using DB Primary
-Understand what algorithms are
-Understand how algorithms are implemented as programs on digital devices
-Understand that programs execute by following precise and unambiguous instructions
Physical Education
Hocky- control and accuracy
Charanga: In the groove
-To know how to describe the similarities between different pieces of music
-To know how to describe the differences between different pieces of music
Maple Class
Spring 1
Learning Challenge Question:
Where and How Far Can We Travel?
Art and Design
Focus: Art
Pop Art – Andy Warhol
-To know the features of pop art
-To know artists who worked in the pop art style
Religious Education
Special Words and Stories
To identify what are our special books and stories and why are these special.
-To identify what are our favorite nursery rhymes, poems and songs and why are these our favorites.
Personal, Social and Health Education
How can we be healthy?
Things that keep bodies and minds healthy (activity, rest, food); hygiene routines; healthy choices
Modern Foreign Languages
Le chanson de l’alphabet
 (French alphabet)
Letters A-Z
How you can help at home:
  • Ensure your child can log in to DB Primary to access their class page and their home learning tasks set each week.
  • Support your child with their home learning if needed, encourage them to ask for help if necessary.
  • Encourage your child to read at home daily, share texts together.
  • Encourage your child to use SumDog and Times Table Rock Stars log ins at home regularly.
  • Support your child in developing their independence by reminding them of deadlines for homework (Thursdays).
  • Help to develop your child’s resilience by sharing mistakes and what we can learn from them.
  • Have fun with your child and help them feel relaxed about school, remind them to just do their best!

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