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Below are just some of the events enjoyed by the children at Rayne Primary and Nursery school

Reading for Pleasure week

The school throughly enjoyed being immersed in reading, discussing their favourite books and taking part in various activities that promote disucssion around reading.  

Activities included:  art work linked to characters, sharing ideas for updating class reading areas, giving book recommendations to friends.   Staff have been very impressed with children's reading stamina with some children in school reading a million words already since September.

We know that reading is a skill that will support the children throughout their lives far beyond their time here at Rayne and whilst we are keen to challenge the children and help them be successful, it has been really lovely to focus on reading for pleasure and enjoyment. Staff have enjoyed a few books themselves too!


World Book Day

As an extension of World Book Day, classes were partnered up to read with each other. This was a great opportunity for older children to be role models for the younger pupils to showcase and share their reading skills. The children thoroughly enjoyed being able to spend time in other classes.

Wellbeing week 

KS1 -  created emotion faces, wrote about wellbeing and created dream catchers

KS2 - Wrote diary entries about best day ever, wrote a story about an adventure with an imaginative friend, created pictures what makes them happen, zones of regulations, favourite memories and designed their own islands based on the film Inside Out.  

Nursery - discussed what Wellbeing means. They talked about coming into nursery positive instead of negative as it makes you and your friends happy.

We talked about things we can do to make us feel good and discussed the importance of sharing.

We listened to the story Rainbow Fish where the fish shared with his friends.  We joined in with Cosmic Yoga to make us feel good.

We decorated our fish with the colour that we are feeling that day and explained why.  Lastly, we decorated some yummy biscuits that made us feel happy.


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